Three Step System to Cable Heaven - Do not get your audio and computer cables in a twist

Three Step System to Cable Heaven - Do not get your audio and computer cables in a twist

Weve all been there (Or at least gadget lovers among us have!). Waiting for the door feed to hear the friendly ring from the mail carrier, which means that our shiny new gadget has finally arrived. Exciting things. Now, if its something small and independent like an iPhone or iPod, its all good with the world. In general, you can only take it out of the box and figure out what youre doing. There will be no subsequent wires or cables to mess up your clean rooms, because its okay that the gadgets are portable and so do not interfere with anything (in addition to your level levels they hopefully will override quite a bit!) But if its a bigger gadget buy like a computer, home theater system or new audio system, youll be in a lot more shock.

Because the simple fact is that these devices have not developed almost as much as you might have expected on the cable page. You see, 10 years ago, there were all possibilities for a wireless age (actually about the same time as a paperless age was predicted and see how far we have come ten years down the line!) And in some respects progress has been made . The fact that there are now wireless networks, and that gadgets like the iPhone really break out of the development hatches and on the high street are really big steps forward.

But in reality, in many areas of gadgetry, when it comes to connecting you new, new delivered toy, you will find that you will be buried up to the armpits of the cables. This is especially true of home cinema systems, audio systems and computers (laptops are much better today, as wireless networks are easier to use in that arena). And its really an area that you need to give a separate thought to before you receive your new system.

Or, at least at the same time. Because it is very common for gadgets to be delivered without any cables required for operation. For example, I recently took over a new, new DVD player. All good so far. Equipped for digital age, this child had hdmi contacts. The works. So it was all set for the high definition age. Apart from one thing ... No cables !!

Now, as it happened, I planned ahead and bought a beautiful gold, connected hdmi cable while I bought the DVD player. Then everything was right with the world. And I could play directly because they were delivered at the same time. But my point is that planning in the future is really a necessity, not a luxury these days. Gadgets are used to ship without plugs! Now they deliver without cables. Guess! So, step one, find out which cables you need.

And my advice here is to buy the best you can afford. There is no need to spend $ 2000 on a fab new TV, then skimping on a $ 5 cable to carry the signal to it! Its like having a Porsche to drive, but just bothering it with three tires on it! So, upgrade the cables to something decent. This does not have to cost fortunes. But spending $ 50 can improve image quality (talking about high definition televisions here) much more than you would think. The image gets softer and the sound is better.

So a valuable investment. Secondly, take a look at the layout of your room and consider where cables would be least intrusive. This is a major factor with audio systems where you may need subsequent wires to four corners of a room to get quadrophonic sounds. But consider whether you can put the wires under rugs or if you can get trunking mounted, or even (too much engaged!) Lower the wires in the walls, so they will not show at all. Third, get some cable tags. These are dirty cheap, but will clean up your work space that you can not believe. An investment of $ 5 dollars in a bag of cable tags gives a dividend for your sanity on the way!

Then put these suggestions into action and start enjoying your new gadget without having to hang up!

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