Home Studio Recording Setup - Why do you need less audio recording equipment than you think

Home Studio Recording Setup - Why do you need less audio recording equipment than you think

Home Studio Recording Setup - With 6 easy steps to professional quality sound


Your computer is the engine that drives digital home recordings. Almost all tools (effects, compression, EQ, etc.) for our easy home recording installation are in your computer. In other words, in this setting we will use almost no additional external studio studio recording equipment.

Recording program

Whether you own a computer or Mac, the installation requires only free (Mac Garageband) or really cheap (PC Mixcraft or Audacity) recording software

Sound card / digital input and output

We do not want to use the built-in consumer audio card on our home computer. Instead, we will use a simple, affordable and much better quality external hardware called an audio interface, digital converter or i / o (in-out) box.

3 cables

Our system requires only three types of cable: Quartzimeter (for instrument input), RCA (output from i / o-box to speaker) and XLR (for microphone.)

Two microphones

We can record effectively with just two microphones: A condenser Mic (for vocal and acoustic instruments and a dynamic microphone (to provide an alternative audio option for some types of vocal recording and instrument recording.)

Powered monitors (speakers)

Excellent home studio audio studios are available that are very affordable available but they will still be the most costly item in our studio playback setup. In order to achieve professional quality of home recordings, we need to take our screen selection very seriously because proper playback is necessary for successful mixing.

(Do not use the consumer stereo speakers because they are intended to deliberately color the sound to suit the general publics taste. This means that bass frequencies are accentuated and some intermediate frequencies are ignored.)

This completes our simple home recording studio. How is it possible to get professional sound with so little?

Easy Home Studio Recording Setting - Good sound in is as good as the sound

Its the sound quality that goes into recording software that determines the quality of the final mix. This simple, often ignored fact leads directly to another truth that is so often contradicted by the home recording tax class:

A good sound can not be manufactured from studio games and tools. The sound around us is already good. Therefore, your only job at recording is to understand how to capture all of its elements. There lies the real answer to how our simple home theater is possible, to capture the sound effectively, ultimately achieved by removing so many barriers from the outside of the audio to the outside of the computer.

In other words, the more things that the sound has to travel through as it is recorded, the more it risks damaging the sound.

The temptation to overlay your studio studio recording is strong and the advice to do it is everywhere. If you can resist the call to hide behind a mountain of audio equipment and can face sound on your own terms, the home recording process becomes organic and intuitive. Only then will the opportunity to create magic become an opportunity.

Home Studio Recording Setup - Examples of big stars with small systems

This debate about creating an effective home studio is really about sound quality compared to quantity equipment. To help you put a last nail into the coffin of the argument that says a home studio has to cost thousands, you can find the following examples that show great-scale success achieved with very small recording sets.

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This - recorded on an 8-track tape recorder in a living room

Bruce Springsteen - Nebraska album. tracks recorded on a 4-speed Tascam PortaStudio.

Oasis - Guitar tracks recorded on Garageband recording software for the latest album as they travel in their travel bus.

Cowboy Junkies platinum debut record - recorded live for 2 tracks in a church.

This is all the question, if the big and small artists are out there, professional sound recordings are made with a very simple and affordable studio play for the home, what prevents you? The answer is that nothing should prevent you from making your next big song a good sound recording that the word can enjoy.

I invite you to sign up for 6 free home theater recording studios based on the best-selling Easy Home Recording Blueprint, the exact home recording method I use to record songs and music for movies, TV, CD publishing, licensing, etc.

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