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2009 had shown promise as the beginning of a new era in national politics, but it remains to be seen if the chants of "yes we can" will drown out the drone of business as usual in Washington. 

When the 2010 election cycle came upon us, the voices of right-wing extremists and fringe groups threatened to drown out the voices of reason and squash the potential for positive change that still lingers under the residual legacy of the Bush administration. 

2012 brought even louder cries from the far Right and drove an additional wedge of extremism into the political landscape.

Please see below for an alternative approach to addressing the "business as usual" partisanship that extremists are still pushing to wedge common American interests aside.

The Third Party of America was conceived as an alternative voice that speaks to reason and empathy rather than the Right or Left.  While we are undergoing some change of our own as the nation adjusts, we will continue to be a part of the solution and a place where everyone is welcome to politely share their perspectives and help build that bridge to our better collective future.

This is a new version of our site.  Previous visitors will remember a much more technically complicated approach, complete with an open forum for discussion and a Wiki designed for community-style creation of our platform. Currently we are operating with a paired-down version of the site and will slowly roll out new features as appropriate.

Requests for information on the positions taken by 3rdparty.org and the history of the 3rd Party should reference the link to our archives. These were compiled by the Minerva Project of the Library of Congress beginning back in 2002.

While the archive is in no way a complete history or 3rdparty.org and sadly does not include the 2008 election year, it does firmly show the voices of the many citizens who helped mold the 3rd Party.

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Site Update:

In late 2013, we quietly launched our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/3rdPartyofAmerica 

Please "Like" our page and read our posts. Unlike the blog linked to this site, which features a combination of revisited elements of our original site and new essays, the Facebook page is an area for highlighting current events and other issues of importance throughout the greater media.

While the initial Facebook page launch was not publicized, we anticipate that readership will grow through 2014 while more readers continue to discover us there. The venue is well suited toward messaging and building awareness, and is becoming a key element in our educational objectives.


As of May, 2012, we are reintroducing functionality to 3rdparty.org and updating content for the site. 

Our "Convention Floor" forum has been widely praised for our style and class when it comes to the heated issues of real-world politics.  We intend to continue this tradition and hope that you will enjoy the information here today while committing to return in the near future to participate in our community as it continues to evolve.

While the "Convention Floor" remains closed at this time, please join us for discussion on the issues in the 3rdParty Blog. Many of the "Convention Floor" topics will be addressed.